Matt Pryors song for my new family

Through Downwrite you can pay famous musicians to write a song especially for you. I did this, and Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, The Terrible Two’s) wrote this beautiful song to support me and my wife Inge in the likely troublesome and maybe impossible process of having a child. Now that Inge is pregnant and all looks just fine, we decided to share this song with the world. Because it’s a beautiful song, but also to support other couples like us that are not sure if at all they can ever be parents. Maybe if they hear this song it somehow can help them just as it helped us.

You see, my wife Inge has PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which basically means you can’t get pregnant, if at all possible, without medical help. She has known this for the last decade. Always having wanted to at some point become a mother, it has been a constant dark cloud at the horizon for her to at some point actually start trying to have a baby. Aside from the fun & healthy part, for her this process would include a bunch of painful tests and a strict menu of hormone pills inducing severe headaches and depressing moodswings. With no guarantees off course. It’s a bit like taking off on a ship not knowing if there is a land at the other side of that stormy ocean at all.

In 2014 we started trying to have a baby. Inge started a diary in which on a daily basis she wrote down experiences, feelings and emotions that she encountered during the process.

That’s when I found out about Downwrite and decided to ask Matt Pryor to write a song to support her. Inge has always been a great fan of The Get Up Kids and The New Amsterdams. It was she who over the years, by playing The Get Up Kids and the New Amsterdams endlessly and singing along with her beautiful voice, made me appreciate Matt’s voice and songwriting.

I wrote Matt a letter about our history and Inge’s diary and that I would love her and stay with her no matter what. It took a few weeks for him to get the song done but when we both listened to it for the first time we instantly loved it. He somehow managed to capture exactly the emotions we were going through, proving again what a great songwriter and artist he just is. We still listen to the song often, and it helped us a lot in a quite intense period. And the best part is: in 2015 Inge got pregnant. The baby is due May 25th 2016. Our luck couldn’t be bigger. Thanks Matt, we will love this song forever!


We’ve known for a long time
That this day was coming
And now this is the right year
There’s no running away

Made many adjustments
Have to think of this clinically
Such a strange way of starting
A beautiful family 

Write it down every day in your diary
May the words give us strength
At this point in our history

This may take us a long time
There’s a chance it won’t work at all
But we won’t see the greener grass
If we don’t ever climb the wall

And maybe the years will pass
And there will be just us too
I’d take that life anyway
As long as I’m next to you

Write it down every day in your diary
May the words give us strength
At this point in our history

Write it down every day in your diary
May the words give us strength
At this point in our history