Looking at lyrics alone, many melodic punk rock songs can be categorised without too much effort.

Melodic punk rock songs are often about something which is unfair or has to be corrected in the author’s view. Maybe someone’s behaviour is criticised (not infrequently this is the government) or perhaps in a (nearby) relationship of the author someone was treated wrongly. Then there are the occasional lovesong and the “Let’s all unite and sing together song”. Having definitely not listed all of the categories of melodic punk rock songs here, there are clearly those one-of-a-kind songs which don’t easily fall in any of the most obvious categories.

And the song “Sing Along” by Belgium melodic punk rock band F.O.D. is definitely one of them. 

Taking only 39 seconds of their 2015 record Tricks of the Trade, this hidden gem could easily be missed if you didn’t listen to that record carefully enough or somehow (wrongly) just scanned the record looking for something you instantly liked. Fact is, this song would not have been misplaced on Fat Wreckords’ Short Music for Short People, if it only had been recorded 17 years earlier.

But it deserves an applaus of it’s own.

First of all this song has, like many other melodic punk rock songs, an important life lesson that all artists should learn from. This lesson is that first you should have to like something yourself, and the rest of the world can basically go fuck themselves. Personally I think that listening to your fans or critics can teach you a great deal about which are your qualities and areas for improvement or perhaps even change. But the basic assumption that it’s you that creates and dictates your own art is a cornerstone of the creative universe. Without this mindset, nothing new would be created. We would all just be playing and recycling the same 3 power chords (which we will do anyway, are you reading this jazz-musicians).

So this song is actually about being true to yourself and your own art.

The lyrics are hilarious and come straight from the heart. The words alone would already make this a song to remember. But perhaps even more awesome are the weird melody, the complex multi-vocals, the completely non-standards chord progression and lengths, let alone the total song structure. Quite frankly it’s a completely non-standard song!

F.O.D. has proven with many other songs that they can also write perfectly crafted “classic”-schemed punk rock songs  (e.g. intro/verse/pre chorus/chorus/verse/solo/pre-chorus/chorus/outtro) if they put their minds to it. But this song is nothing like those songs. And this makes their creators so much cooler.

Having one song like this on a record with many other “more standard” (but nevertheless very good quality) melodic punk rock songs proves to me that these guys know exactly what they are doing, and that doing it because they like it. And if you’re lucky, you may like it too.

So F.O.D. the bow goes completely to you. Thank you for this unique and amazing song.

p.s. The cherry on top is that the song is called: Sing Along. That’s so fucking funny, because the song is probably the toughest one to sing along of all their songs. I dare you to give it a try.

Why don’t you try to sing along to this one?
I’ll narrow down and only keep what’s really useful
I’ll make sure it won’t last long
Heart inspired and based on everything I make up and recall
For anyone who likes it, I will gladly take a bow
But I’m the one who has to like it first, right here and now